Dynamic Background Colors in Smartforms

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We were having some specific background colors in our output generated by the SMartforms. This background colors are coming properly in the print-out. But, when we try to send them as FAX, we are getting the BLACK background whereever we have that background color.

I used Field-symbols to have an access of the table which stores the Smartforms definition. I replaced the background color with the White background.

Code Snippet for Dynamic Background Color

* This code will clear the specific background for specific conditions
* In line type TYPE1 under the MAIN_TABLE, we have two columns.
* Column 1 with RED background and border
* Column 2 with no background color and BLUE border
FIELD-SYMBOLS<f_tab> TYPE tsftabdef.    " Table - Actual SF definitions
DATAl_tabdef  TYPE ssftabdef,     " Work Area for the Table
      t_ltypes  TYPE tsfltype,      " Table - Line types
      l_ltypes  TYPE ssfltype,      " Work Area for the table
      t_colinfo TYPE tsfcolinfo,    " Table - Columns
      l_colinfo TYPE ssfcolinfo,    " Work area for the table
      t_border  TYPE tsfctaba,      " Tables - Borders
      l_border  TYPE ssfctaba.      " Work Area for the border
* Assign the table definition to the table field symbol
* Assiging by '(Program)Tablename' will give as the actual table
*   which contains the defination of the Smartform. We will change
*   respective table background color.
* Table definition table
LOOP AT <f_tab> INTO l_tabdef.
* Table line Types
*  Line type TYPE1 from the table MAIN_TABLE
  LOOP AT l_tabdef-tltype INTO l_ltypes.
* Coloum information
*   Column1 (cell) of the TYPE1
    LOOP AT l_ltypes-tcolinfo INTO l_colinfo.
* Borders
*   Background color and borders for that cell
      LOOP AT l_colinfo-borders INTO l_border.
* Clearing the color parameters for the cell
        CLEARl_border-intensity,              " Intensity
        l_border-fillcolor-red,          " Red
        l_border-fillcolor-used,         " Color Used
        l_border-cfillcolor-color,       " Red color in Hexa
        l_border-cfillcolor-xred.        " Color used in Hexa
        MODIFY l_colinfo-borders FROM l_border.
      MODIFY l_ltypes-tcolinfo FROM l_colinfo.
    MODIFY l_tabdef-tltype FROM l_ltypes.
  MODIFY <f_tab> FROM l_tabdef.

You can follow this link to have step-by-step explianation alongwith the Screenshots and SMartform XML file:
Dynamic Background Colors in Smartforms

This is one of my published WIKIes on SDN.

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  • excellent one.
    how background colors be added in sapscript?


  • Hello Buglu,

    You asked:
    how background colors be added in sapscript?

    We don't have capability to add colors in the sapscript.

    Naimesh Patel

  • Anonymous


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