Naimesh Patel | Last Updated on October 28, 2015

What is New TYPE Category TYPE … BOXED in ABAP?

What is BOXED Components in ABAP? Let me try to explain you.

SAP ABAP Pragmas in 7.02 EhP2, replacing SLIN Pseudo Comments

Going forward Pseudo Comments are getting replaced by Pragmas which are introduced since ABAP release 7.0 EhP2. So, What are Pragmas? Lets check it out.

ABAP Method Chaining New Feature in ABAP 7.0 EhP2

New feature of ABAP Method Chaining is available from ABAP Release 7.0 EhP2 onward. Method chaining reduces the need for Helper variables, which makes code more cleaner.

ABAP Internal Table Secondary Keys, New in ABAP 7.0 EhP2

ABAP Internal Table Secondary Keys are introduced in ABAP release 7.0 EhP 2. Secondary keys are added advantage for Internal Tables with huge data.

ABAP New Debugger Keys in Table Tool from 7.0 EhP2

ABAP New Debugger has also got few new features as part of release 7.0 EhP2. A new addition “Key” in Table Display Tool is added to check various keys available on the Internal Table.

ABAP New Debugger Conditional Breakpoints

ABAP New Debugger has few more additions to the debugger as well. Since ABAP release 731 which is delivered as part of ECC 6 EhP6 Release 7 EhP6, you can have conditional breakpoints.

ABAP New Debugger Skip Breakpoints

ABAP New Debugger has few more additions to the debugger as well. Since ABAP Release 731, you can skip the breakpoints.

ABAP Database Connectivity ADBC

ABAP Database Connectivity also known as ADBC provides Object Oriented approach to access the database. You can also access the DB dynamically using the ADBC.

ABAP String Templates New Feature in ABAP 731

String Templates are introduced in SAP with ABAP release 731.

Difference Between && (Chaining Operator) and & (Literal Operator)

With ABAP release 731, you have && which can be used instead of CONCATENATE. You also have & which seems to be doing the same job. So what is the difference?

ABAP RegEx – Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions or RegEx are very powerful and useful when working with Text literals. Check out how RegEx can be used in ABAP

Memory Allocation – Why extra 8 bytes!!

Recent question on SCN about the ABAP memory allocation, inspired me to do some reading and research on how memory is allocated for variables in ABAP programs.

ABAP 740 – NEW Operator to instantiate the objects

With ABAP release 740, you can use the NEW operator to instantiate the object. Read more to learn about NEW Operator.

ABAP 740 – NEW Operator to create ITAB entries

Similar to the NEW operator to instantiate the object, you can use the NEW as well with internal table processing to append rows within it.

ABAP 740 – VALUE Operator to create ITAB entries

Using the VALUE operator, you would be able to get the ITAB content assigned to the variable which is ITAB typed. Lets explore it in more details.

ABAP 740 – Table Expressions to Read & Modify ITAB line

Read and Modify the ITAB records without using the temporary work area or variables. It is possible with using the ABAP Table Expressions. Lets see more about them.

ABAP 740 – LINE_EXISTS to check record in ITAB

As name suggests, this new predictive function checks if the Line is available in the internal table or not.

Why not to use ABAP Text Symbols instead of Constants

Many times I have seen people are using the ABAP Text Elements. You must not use them as constants.

ABAP 740 – Meshes – A new complex type of Structures

ABAP 740 has a new special type of structure – MESH. Lets deep dive to know more about these Meshes.

ABAP 740 – Mesh Path – Forward and Inverse Association

In the mesh structure as of ABAP 740, you can move forward or backward using the association. Lets check out more on them.