Case Study

Naimesh Patel | Last Updated on February 22, 2013

Case Study: Observer Design Pattern Usage

Recently, at one of my client’s place, I have to design a screen with lot of ALVs. When I started designing, I didn’t pay much of the attention to the fact that there could be a dependency between main ALVs and other sub-ALVs. Later in the design phase, I understood that this is a great…

Case Study: JavaScript in ABAP Usage

Sometimes, we need to evaluate complex expression. I had faced the similar issue. I was able to use JavaScript (JS) effectively to find a solution. The Background At one of my client’s place, we were moving away from Legacy Systems by implementing SAP. Client gets orders from its Customers. This Customers have unique requirement to…

WITH HEADER LINE – should you use it anymore?

We all know that WITH HEADER LINE is obsolete in ABAP Objects. But it you can still use it in procedural programming. I am sure, after reading this you would agree not to use it.

ABAP Objects Case Study – Usage for More Design Flexibility

How object oriented designs was beneficial to me as well as my clients while enhancing development created in Object Oriented ABAP.