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In this section, you will find some Fun stuff with ABAP

ABAP Games

Marbles Game in ABAP
Truly, addictive Marbles Game created in ABAP.

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Naimesh Patel{273 articles}

I'm SAP ABAP Consultant for more than a decade. I like to experiment with ABAP especially OO. I have been SDN Top Contributor.
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  • Hi Naimesh!
    Here is another challanging game for ABAP:;=447

    It's "bubbles" or "Jawbreaker" known from many windows mobiles and other "3-in-a-row-versions".

    "Bubble-La-Bap" is a play with words from the german "Papperlapapp" which means "don't say stupid rubbish" and "ABAP".

    Have Fun

  • Hello Enno,

    Wow! it's awesome. Did you develop this?

    Naimesh Patel

  • Hi Naimesh!
    Thanks! :->
    Yes, I wrote this terrific arcade game… ;))

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