SALV OM Undocumented Limitations – Separator in the Toolbar

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SALV Limitations: Separator in Toolbar

In this new series on SALV Object Model (SALV OM), I will document some of the Limitations which are not documented in standard SAP documentation.

In the ALV GRID (created using container) type of SALV, we can’t have a Separator in the Toolbar. To add the separator in the Toolbar, button type (BUTN_TYPE) field of toolbar must be set to “3″. SALV OM doesn’t allow to specify this button type. It assumes that there would be only normal buttons (BUTN_TYPE = ’0′). Method IF_SALV_TOOLBAR_ADAPTER~BUILD_UIFUNCTION in class CL_SALV_GRID_ADAPTER, creates the toolbar functions.

Code Lines which impose this restriction in SALV OM

To overcome this limitation, SAP could enhance SALV OM to provide us the method to set the button type in the CL_SALV_FUNCTION and use that button type here in the code instead of assuming that button as the normal button.

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