2011 in Numbers

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We are almost ready to welcome 2012. Lets see 2011 in numbers for ABAP Help.

As all these numbers are very agile – All numbers are as of December 22, 2011 at 10PM CST.

Total Page Views. Target for 2012: 1.0m. Thanks in advance for helping us out.
Unique Visitors. Spread the word out to visit your friends / Colleagues.
Pageviews of home page. Enjoy the animation both by CSS3 and JS
Dynamic Table creation using RTTS is the Most visited post of all time
New active subscribers, from 141 attempted. If you enjoy reading this, you want to Subscribe to emails
Total Google Chrome Extension ABAP Help Installation. Get it yours if you use Chrome.
Facebook Fans. Join the crew! Check out the Facebook page and become a fan.
New Post created in 2011. Check out the Archives Page.
Total post in Forums. Become the member of Forums to evolve – Share, Give & Get
other author contributed. Check out the Authors page and Write a Post if you wish to become an author

Let us know your thoughts on year in numbers.

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  • Anand

    Hi, thanks for your efforts.

  • ElĂ­as

    Naimesh, thanks for sharing your knowledge .. which is always helpful.
    A great 2012 for you

    greetings from Chile

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