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ABAP New Debugger has few more additions to the debugger as well. Since ABAP Release 731, you can skip the breakpoints.


ABAP 731 which is available since SAP ECC 6 EhP6 has new addition in the Breakpoint tab. Now, you can Skip breakpoints. This would be helpful when you just want to jump few iteration of the breakpoint.

Skip Breakpoint

Whenever you have a breakpoint, once system brings you debugger, you can now use the Skip field for each breakpoint. Whatever number you enter in the field, system would NOT stop to the breakpoint for those many iterations.

Once the iteration is reached, system would STOP at the breakpoint.

After the condition is met, the breakpoint behaves normally – means flow of execution would be interpreted whenever the statement is executed.

Use Skip Breakpoint

This would be very handy whenever you know that you want to only stop for 5th record or say last record – Get the total number of records, Deduct 2 from that number and enter into the Skip field. You would need to deduct 2 assuming, you are that point (1 iteration complete) and want to execute the last iteration (another 1).

Do you think this would be helpful and you would be using it soon?

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  • Hi Naimesh,

    I think this is very useful! I have been using the ABAP debugger script every time I want to do something complicated with the debugger, but sometimes I really just need to stop on the 65th record in a loop to see why everything crashes on it and this sounds like it would be a much better way to do that!

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Hello Brian,

    Definitely the Skip is very helpful in that situation. I use the Watchpoint on SY-TABIX with condition whenever I need to stop at specific record but most of the time, it stops within the inner calls which I don’t want to stop.

    Naimesh Patel

  • Shai

    A useful tip.
    However, I must mention that, as far as I remember, this functionality exists for a very long time, at least since ECC6 (EhP0)..


  • Hello Shai,

    I have another system on ECC 6 EhP4, but this feature doesn’t exist. I believe, if you have upgraded to ABAP 731, it would be there on your system. Please check!

    Naimesh Patel

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