Remove Header on Last Page in Classical Report

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This code provides logic to remove the Header generated by TOP-OF-PAGE from the Last Page.
Code Snippet

*& Report  ZTEST_NP_TOP_LAST                                           *
*& Example of how to remove the header generated by TOP-OF-PAGE and    *
*&   Move the LIST upwards in the space of the TOP-OF-PAGE             *
*&                                                                     *


* Generating the Output
  DO 30 TIMES.
    WRITE/ sy-abcde.

* Clearing the last TOP-OF-PAGE
  READ LINE OF PAGE sy-pagno.
  CLEAR sy-lisel.

* Moving list upword
* Here we are moving only 2 lines, as we have only 2
*   lines in our TOP-OF-PAGE
  DATAl_cnt TYPE i,
        l_line TYPE i.
  l_line 2.
    l_cnt l_cnt + 1.
    l_line l_line + 1.
    READ LINE l_line OF PAGE sy-pagno.
    IF sy-subrc NE 0.
      MODIFY LINE l_cnt OF PAGE sy-pagno.
      CLEAR sy-lisel.
      MODIFY LINE l_line OF PAGE sy-pagno.

* Top of page
  WRITE'Heading from TOP OF PAGE Line 1'.
  WRITE'Line 2'.

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  • Hi,

    How can we design the report with Multiple Headings horizontly and sorted on the basis of different heading either in Classical or ALV report.
    Please suggest.

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