Naimesh Patel | Last Updated on March 28, 2013

Remove Header on Last Page in Classical Report

This code provides logic to remove the Header generated by TOP-OF-PAGE from the Last Page. Code Snippet *&———————————————————————* *& Report  ZTEST_NP_TOP_LAST                                           * *&———————————————————————* *& Example of how to remove the header generated by TOP-OF-PAGE and    * *&   Move the LIST upwards in the space of the TOP-OF-PAGE             * *&                                                                     * *&———————————————————————* REPORT  ztest_np LINE-COUNT 10(2) NO STANDARD PAGE HEADING. START-OF-SELECTION. * Generating the Output   DO 30 TIMES.     WRITE: / sy-abcde.   ENDDO. * Clearing the last TOP-OF-PAGE   READ LINE 1 OF PAGE sy-pagno.   CLEAR sy-lisel.   MODIFY LINE 1 OF PAGE sy-pagno. * Moving list upword * Here we are moving only 2 lines, as we have only 2 *   lines in our TOP-OF-PAGE   DATA: l_cnt TYPE i,         l_line TYPE i.   CLEAR: l_cnt, l_line.   l_line = 2.   DO.     l_cnt = l_cnt + 1.     l_line = l_line + 1.     READ LINE l_line OF PAGE sy-pagno.     IF sy-subrc NE 0.       EXIT.     ELSE.       MODIFY LINE l_cnt OF PAGE sy-pagno.       CLEAR sy-lisel.       MODIFY LINE l_line OF PAGE sy-pagno.     ENDIF.   ENDDO. * Top of page TOP-OF-PAGE….

MM02 BDC – Select Specific Material Master View

Creating a BDC of the MM02 will not be an easy task. As soon as we enter the material and hit enter it will ask us to choose the required Material master views. This popup contains the available material master views and they are not constant. Sometimes MRP1 comes at the 12th line and sometimes…

Radiobutton Values using CASE

Today, we will how we can use the CASE .. ENDCASE statment to check the values of the Radiobutton. CASE.. ENDCASE has better performance compared to the IF.. ENDIF statement. So, here is the Code which will show how to use th CASE .. ENDCASE to access the values of the Radiobuttons. Code Snippet *&———————————————————————*…

Print Table Control data (with header)

Shows how to give an option to get a printout of the table control Data. In SAP, we have a table control to give a felixibility to enter more than one record at a time. User enters the data and save it, inturn we save that data into the database – by direct update, or…

Should you trust on System Fields (SY-*) ?

I know it is very wide question. We all use System fields like SY-SUBRC to check last statement was successful or not, SY-DBCNT for Database access count, SY-INDEX for row, SY-TABIX for current processed row in Loops, etc. Demo code Check out this code. At first it looks ok except the Modify statement outside the…

ABAP Dynamic Selection Screen using Tabbed Selection Screen

ABAP Dynamic Selection Screen using Tabbed selection screen to avoid activating each and every field. You would find tabbed selection screen at its best in this article.