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Commenting the code is another important part of developing any software or writing any code module.

New Poll

Many times, I find programs, Methods, FMs, with various degree of comments. Few of the programs would have very detailed comments, which makes very easy to understand the code line-by-line. On the other hand, you won’t find even a single line with gray color means no comment at all.

The poll is available in the sidebar asks an question:

Commenting Your Code

The options are:

  • All IN – I write multi-line comments for each code line along with half line comments for each field. Select this if you write more comment lines than actual code
  • Safe bet – I write multi-line comments for a code block. Occasionally use half line comments. This could be your option if you write comments before each IF, LOOP, CALL FM blocks.
  • Defensive bet – I only write the comment when I feel code is important
  • Too Little – I only mention single line in beginning of the code module
  • Blind play – I don’t like to comment code. My code is very easy to understand, you know.

I’ll collect the results in next few weeks and publish.

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  • I like to write comments where necessary and also not revealing the whole logic… I leave a little Brian work for the next developer too :)

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