Poll Wrap-up – How much details you mention in TS?

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Poll results for the poll How much details you mention in TS? Quite a few people 345 had cast their vote for the poll.

About of Month back I have asked an question on maintaining the Technical Specification (TS) in this post:

Technical Specification – How much details you mention in TS?


Around 345 votes were counted – Interest for this poll wasn’t as much as the previous one – Your Choice of ABAP Editor?

Majority of you preferred the option “Thesis” – writing as much as details as possible – with 35% or 122 votes. When you’re working on the project where you have many artifacts, it would be nice to include as much as details as possible. It would help you and not to mention the next guy who would be working on that. I’m falling in this category.

Writing Only Pseudo Code and only Involved Development Objects got almost same number of votes – 28%.

Very few people also voted for No Technical Specification – about 9%.

I’m happy that many of prefer to write at least something in the Technical Specification. If you are within those 9%, I ask you to start maintaining at least Pseudo code and/or development object for that requirement. Trust me, you would start reaping the benefits from this – sooner or later.

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