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Sometimes, we start designing the class in the program itself. Later in the game, we learn that it would be great if we create this class out of the program and make it global. Thus we can make the class more reusable. We might think, why in the world we started with local class.

To ease this type of situation, we have the import utility available in the Class Editor SE24. Let’s start with our local class. We have a local class LCL_REPORT. We want to make it as global class ZCL_MSG_REPORT.

Code snippet of the local class:

PROGRAM ztest_np_temp.

ENDCLASS.                    "lcl_report DEFINITION

  DATAlo_main TYPE REF TO lcl_report.
  CREATE OBJECT lo_main.

  METHOD select_data.
    SELECT FROM t100
      INTO TABLE t_t100
      UP TO 20 ROWS
      WHERE sprsl sy-langu
      AND   arbgb '00'.
  ENDMETHOD.                    "select_Data
  METHOD write_data.
    FIELD-SYMBOLS<lfs_t100> LIKE LINE OF t_t100.
    LOOP AT me->t_t100 ASSIGNING <lfs_t100>.
  ENDMETHOD.                    "write_data
ENDCLASS.                    "lcl_report IMPLEMENTATION

Steps to Convert:

  1. Select Object Type > Import > Local classes in program
  2. Enter the Program name from which we wish to import the local class. Press Enter
  3. Select the classes which are required to import and press Import button
  4. Success message if everything is good
  5. Methods and Attributes in Class Editor. Activate the class.

Things to Take care after import

  • Enter Class Description
  • Update Methods and its Signature Description
  • Similarly, update all other component description

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