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Naimesh Patel | Last Updated on September 30, 2011

Class Editor – Convert Local Classes to Global Classes

Sometimes, we start designing the class in the program itself. Later in the game, we learn that it would be great if we create this class out of the program and make it global. Thus we can make the class more reusable. We might think, why in the world we started with local class.

Class Editor – Refactoring Assistant – I

While designing the application, there would be lot of instances that we need to move methods, attributes, events or types from a class to another class or an interface. Basically we need to refactor them. But we have to do it manually, it would be too costly and tedeous task when we need to do…

Class Editor – Refactoring Assistant – II

Continuing exploring the Refactoring assistant, we’ll see how we can use the class association in the refactoring assistant.