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Poll results for the poll Commenting your Code. Quite a few people cast their vote for the poll.

Couple of Month back I have asked an question on Commenting in post:

Commenting Your Code


About 321 votes were counted. Most of you prefer to comment – that’s a great sign :)

Majority of people about 41% prefer the Defensive Bet – only comment when they think it’s important.

My preference – I fall in the Safe Bet category – with about 35% of votes. I would comment for a chunk of code lines. When I think the line is important within the bunch, I mention the half line comments. I believe, our memory behaves differently at different point of time so we may not remember why the flag was introduced. So, a single liner would be great document for everyone. I expected more votes in this category, but it is different.

There are few developers who wants to document lot of comments. I love that when I need to troubleshoot that code – everything explained properly.

Blind Play & Too Little also got few votes. I personally like to write comments for others’ sake so I don’t like others who don’t write enough comments.

I feel like the program is incomplete without comments.

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Graphical representation of the results


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