New Poll – What do you use to select one record from DB?

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New Poll is now available with an question – What do you use to select one record from DB

New Poll

When there is a need to get exactly one record from DB, we have couple of choices – Use SELECT SINGLE or SELECT UP TO 1 ROWS. There have been lot of questions around when to use which. So, I think would be a good to get your take on it

The poll question is:

What do you use to select one record from DB?

Options are:

I can understand that you might be using both of them, but select the one you use most often.

Cast your vote here:

What do you use to select one record from DB?

  • select SINGLE (80%, 2,265 Votes)
  • select UP TO 1 ROWS (20%, 554 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,820

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  • Kjetil Kilhavn

    What to use depends on the circumstances. It is not correct to use SELECT SINGLE if you don’t have the full key. If I have the full key I always use that. But there are other cases. Sometimes I use SELECT … UP TO 1 ROWS, but I often don’t restrict the number of rows, because I want to be able to issue a warning or error message if there is more than one row when I expect exactly one.
    So the answer which is missing in your alternatives is «it depends» (on the use case).

  • Hello Kjetil,

    I agree with you – what you use is depends on the scenario. But majority of time, developers tend to use of the other, even though scenarios is different – with key or without key still using either of the method.

    Issuing a warning / error if you find more than expected is, I believe would be a different context, but it would be a great idea to make sure users use the software the way they supposed to :)

    Naimesh Patel

  • Akira

    If you have the full key, there’s no question not to use SELECT SINGLE statement.

    Now for non-full key, aside from removing that error message in the SAP code checker, the only reason I see for using SELECT UP TO 1 ROWS is when you want to retrieve a pre-processed record.

    Example would be you need to retrieve the last item of a Purchase order (EKPO). The code would be something like SELECT UP TO 1 ROWS WHERE ebeln = docnum ORDER BY ebelp DESCENDING.

    The result will be the same for both select statement if no pre-processing is involved but SELECT SINGLE is faster so…

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