Poll Wrap-up – What do you feel about the term ABAPer?

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Poll results for the poll What do you feel about the term ABAPer is out. Few months back I have asked an question to know your feeling about the term ABAPer. As many as votes 1603 are counted, making this poll the best of votes so far. I believe there is lot of noise about the term ABAPer.


Total 1603 votes were counted – Making the most popular poll so far.

Majority of you preferred the option Love it with 54% or 866 votes. About 20% or 319 votes are casted for Hate the term. 26% or 418 votes are for the category where you Don’t have any issue.

I personally fall in the category Hate the term. Someone, I don’t feel people calling me ABAPer. I prefer the developer or better, consultant. There are few comments on the post announcement article, they feel the same as me.

I wish I would have other matrix using Experience in ABAP, Age, etc. That way I would have been able to present better picture. I’m guessing many youngsters don’t have issue with the term and would love it.

On Graph

Graphical view of the results


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