New Poll – Do you like Quality Assurance QA on your Build/Design?

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New Poll is now available with an question – Do you like Quality Assurance QA on your Build/Design?

New Poll

Many clients have Quality Assurance process implemented to make sure all developers – employees, contractors, offshore developers – follow the standards. They have dedicated team of Senior Architects who oversee the developments and make sure the design is robust and scalable with optimal performance.

The poll question is:

Do you like Quality Assurance QA on your Build/Design?

Options are:

  • YES. I Live for QA – This is option for you if you don’t mind your code being reviewed and you receive the suggestions to improve it.
  • I don’t mind – This is option for you if you’re ok with or without the QA review process.
  • NO. I hate QA. This option is for you if you don’t like your code being snooped around for other people.

Cast your vote here:

Do you like Quality Assurance of your Build/Design?

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  • Kesari Katakam

    At smartShift, We believe in automating the QA in various categories like Naming Conventions, Obsolete Statement Removal , Performance Improvement ( Field symbols in place of explicit work areas ), And other SAP Guidelines found in CI / SLIN .

    We ourselves use the tool smartDevelop for our products and also provide to customers. This automated tool provides great value so that the developers can focus on Value add to customers, than just concentrating the code to make sure its technically valid.

  • Mohinder

    QA is an integral part of software development cannt be replaced. Peer reviews, self reviews ensures most of the time approach and bugs are removed. Reason being,once a design is finalized coder thinks its best one available and decides to build solution around, however when next pair of eyes are introduced they are afresh and may infuse new ideas.

    ATC provided by SAP is good tool. Most of the tools works on editors(Se80,Se24,Se38…)


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