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To be able to enhance the table properly, you would need to understand Table Enhancement Category for that table. Before we jump how we can enhance the table in the Enhancement Framework, it is important that you get grip on the enhancement category. so, lets deep dive into it.

Where to Find

Enhancement Category is available for all Table and structures. You can find the Enhancement Category in Data Dictionary.
1. Enter Table or Structure name and Display
2. Menu Extras > Enhancement Category



Here are the available options


Each option means..

  • Not Classified – This is the default option when any new table is created. This means no specific guidelines was given by the designer to enhance the table or not.
  • Cannot be Enhanced – This tells you that the table designer decided that you must not enhance this table. Thus when you try to enhance the table, system will prompt you the message that it won’t be simply possible.
  • Can be Enhanced (Character-Type) – This options denote that the table can be enhanced with Character Type fields only – i.e. Character, Numeric, Date and Time. If you try to add the field Type P (packed) – a field for amount, system will not allow the table activation during the table enhancement.
  • Can be Enhanced (Character-Type & Numeric) – This option points that the table can be enhanced with the Character and Numeric type fields, but must not contain the deep data types like Tables, References, Strings, XStrings etc.
  • Can be Enhanced (Deep) – If you have this option, you can enhance table with any type of the fields.

When you create the table and don’t select appropriate option and leave the Not Classified, system would display a warning while activating the table.


What option to select

Based on your requirement and the nature of the table, you need to decide what type enhancement power you want to provide for the future. If you provide at can be enhanced, it would be most dangerous options as the table or structure can be than enhanced in any different way.

Many times I noticed that developers choose incorrect enhancement category when they design the table and structures. It is important to properly select this category to make sure your overall software is enhance-able.

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