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Many times you would need to disable the standard toolbar buttons to make sure unexpected behavior doesn’t occur. This code snippet will help you to achieve that.

Disable Standard Toolbar Button on Selection Screen

* Exclude Buttons from the PF-KEY
  DATA: t_rsexfcode        TYPE TABLE OF rsexfcode,
        ls_rsexfcode       LIKE LINE OF t_rsexfcode.
  ls_rsexfcode-fcode = 'PRIN'.          "Execute and Print
  APPEND ls_rsexfcode TO t_rsexfcode.
  ls_rsexfcode-fcode = 'SJOB'.          "Execute in Background
  APPEND ls_rsexfcode TO t_rsexfcode.
  ls_rsexfcode-fcode = 'VDEL'.          "Variant Delete
  APPEND ls_rsexfcode TO t_rsexfcode.
      p_status  = sy-pfkey
      p_exclude = t_rsexfcode.

Function Codes

You can get the function codes SJOB, PRIN, etc from GUI STATUS %_00 in the program RSSYSTDB. Or using the System > Status and drill down to the GUI status.

In Action

Before the code, You would have the buttons

After the code, buttons are disabled

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