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As part of the ABAP Enhancement Framework, you can also now create the new index as Index extension on any standard or custom table.

Index Extension

You can create the Index on the standard table by registering the object. Once you register the object – obtain the access key – you would need to take care of that object when the next upgrade or support pack is applied to your system. To avoid this hassle, you must always create the index as an Extension Index.

These indexes would be created on the standard table without registering the object. Thus they wouldn’t be a problem when you are in the upgrade situation. If the index was delivered as part of the OSS note, you should create that index by registering the object.

Steps to Create Extension Index

Follow these steps to create an Extension Index
1 Display table in Data Dictionary
2 Choose menu option Go To > Indexes

3 In the index popup, choose the submenu next to create to create the Extension Index

In the subsequent smaller popup, specify the name of the index:

4 Fill up the details of the index – description, if it would created on DB, fields of the index

5 Save and Activate the Extension index

Index Popup

From the popup, you would get more information about which index is standard index and which is extension index. Also it would let you know the switch and its status if it is extension index.

You can also convert any existing index to an extension index by context menu option > Convert to XINX

Extension Index is technically specified with type XINX

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