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ABAP Enhancement Framework allows you to add more fixed values to the domain by using the Fixed Value Append on any standard or custom domain.

Domain Fixed Value Append

You can add the fixed value to any domain by registering the object. But registration and object modification would need to be handled explicitly when system would be upgraded or support pack is applied. To overcome this issue, you should consider Fixed Value Append if you want to add the fixed values to the standard domain.

If the fixed values are delivered as part of the OSS note, you should register the object and create the requested values.

Steps to create Fixed Value Append

Follow these steps to create a Fixed Value Append
1 Display Domain in Data Dictionary
2 Choose menu option Go To > Fixed Value Append

3 When there are no value append yet created, you would get this message. Continue on that.

If you already have a value append, you would see the popup. Choose Create in that case

4 Enter the name of the Fixed Value Append in the subsequent “small” popup

5 In the subsequent screen, you would see similar screen to this where all the value fields are open for change. Enter the desired values and save

6 If you want to see the Existing entries, you can press the button “Show Domain Values” and the values would be displayed

7 When you activate the Fixed Value Append, the values would appear in the domain with highlighted “blue” color with the Fixed value Append column.

Fixed Value Append Popup

From the popup, you can see how many Fixed Value Appends are active. You can create the Fixed Value Append from this popup. You can delete one from the option available in the popup as well.

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