Enhancement Implementation

Naimesh Patel | Last Updated on August 20, 2014

Enhancement Framework – Introduction

ABAP Enhancement Implementations concept which allows you to easily enhance the standard SAP delivered functionality with your desired one. With this series let’s see more about the Enhancement Framework.

Enhancement Framework – Explicit Enhancement-POINT Implementation

Let’s see more on Explicit Enhancement POINT implementation in ABAP Enhancement Framework with step-by-step guide of creating an implementation.

Enhancement Framework – Debugging Implementation

Before moving to further into other enhancement implementations in ABAP Enhancement Framework, let me show you how would program be displayed during Debugging.

Enhancement Framework – Explicit Enhancement-SECTION Implementation

Let’s see more on Explicit Enhancement SECTION implementation in ABAP Enhancement Framework with step-by-step guide.

Enhancement Framework – Implicit Enhancement Options

Implicit Enhancement points exist at various places in the ABAP programs. Unlike the Explicit enhancements, these points are not defined in the programs.

Enhancement Framework – Class Enhancement

Enhancement framework offers unique way to enhance the class and interface. Lets take a deep dive.

Enhancement Framework – Class Enhancement – How designed

Lets see in details how the Enhancement Framework Class Enhancements – pre, post and overwrite methods – are designed in the class context.

Enhancement Framework – Function Module Enhancement

Way to enhance the Function module to have additional logic. Functional enhancement can also be used for adding additional optional parameters in the FM Signature.

Enhancement Framework – Table Enhancement Category

To be able to enhance the table properly, you would need to understand Table Enhancement Category for that table.

Enhancement Framework – Table Enhancement – Append Structure

Tables or Structures can be enhanced as part of the Enhancement Framework using the Append structure option available in Data Dictionary.

Enhancement Framework – Append Search Help

Similar to Append Structure, you can also enhance the Search help using the Append Search Help as part of the ABAP Enhancement Framework.

Enhancement Framework – Extension Index

As part of the ABAP Enhancement Framework, you can also now create the new index as Index extension on any standard or custom table.

Enhancement Framework – Fixed Value Append

ABAP Enhancement Framework allows you to add more fixed values to the domain by using the Fixed Value Append on any standard or custom domain.