OO Concepts

Naimesh Patel | Last Updated on August 11, 2014

ABAP Objects Events – Raising and Handling

Events are good way to communicate between objects. They are very useful when the object doesn’t care about the handler of the objects.

ABAP Objects Events – SENDER, know who raised the event

Gaining access to the object, when working with ABAP Objects Events, which raised the event would be an added advantage for the event handler method.

ABAP Abstract methods or Normal methods?

Let’s take a deeper look at abstract methods. When should you define abstract methods and when you shouldn’t.

ABAP 740 – Is CONSTANT not a Static Attribute anymore?

CLASS_CONSTRUCTOR would be called automatically whenever the class would be accessed – either by creation of an instance or accessing any component. But seems like it is changed with ABAP 740.