Naimesh Patel | Last Updated on July 13, 2015

Copying/Renaming a file in Application Server

A number of times we want to copy or rename files in Application Server as per our requirements. However making changes to files in application server is not as easy as on Presentation Server. I recently came across one such scenario while finding the answer saw a number of solutions. Some were to create a…

List the environment variables used in a program

In SAP, there is a standard way to list the environment variables used in a program. It’s accessible through transaction SE38, via Menu-Utilities-Environment variables. In SAP forums, I have seen lot of questions about doing this through custom program. It’s very hard to analyze this logic through standard debugging to know what is written behind…

Generalize the call to conversion exit functions

Well, everybody will be aware of the conversion exit functions available in SAP. The SAP provided conversion exit functions must be called individually in the programs to convert the field value internally and externally. Now, why can’t we do this dynamically by avoiding individual calls to the functions? Background Yes, it can be done ….

Utility to build HTML within ABAP

Introducing a small utility class to build HTML code within ABAP. This utility wraps the logic for build HTML Tags and string manipulation within itself for simple client access. Motivation Recently, I needed to generate an email notification using HTML. The email notification would contain the data in Table format. I don’t like to concatenate…

ABAP Objects – Access Text from Super Class Text Symbols

Text Pools are great for creating language independent program. But, it create a very peculiar problem when used in ABAP objects

ABAP Transpose Internal Table

Many times you need to transpose the data from row based to column based and vice versa. This simple utility classes would help to do exactly the same.

Utility Class for ALV Legend on SALV Grid

Utility class to generate the Legend ALV using SALV Popup and attach it onto ALV Grid generated by SALV Model

ABAP Overcome Limitation of Long Text Links Handling using Custom Class

Lets talk about the Links in the Message Long text. This is also applicable to any documentation as well. There are few limitations, I will show you how to overcome them.