SALV Tutorial

Naimesh Patel | Last Updated on June 29, 2015

SALV Table 18 – ICONs and Tooltips

ICONs are great ways to enhance the report output. Let me show you how you can sweeten the deal by adding the tooltip on the ICON.

SALV Table 19 – Columns Specific Grouping

Specific Groups on the ABAP SALV would help users to easily find the columns in the display setting variants. Lets check it out how you can achieve it.

SALV Table 20 – Editable? Yes, as per this Standard SAP Application

Don’t get too excited about the editable SALV solution out of the box, but I think we have a solution.

SALV Table 21 – Editable with Single (custom) Method

Another of my recently published blog on SCN. This is also about making SALV table editable using the single method and removing the extra button.

SALV Table 22 – Get Data Directly after SUBMIT

ABAP SALV model has some cool features. Getting the data table from the model, is one of them. Let’s explore the solution.

SALV IDA (Integrated Data Access) – Introduction

With ABAP 740, we have a new way using Integrated Data Access to generate the ALV and this is very prominent when using SAP HANA.

SALV IDA – Selection Conditions

Lets check more SALV IDA on how to send the selection conditions so we can restrict the data access based on user inputs.

SALV IDA – New Calculated Fields

Lets check out how we can add the additional fields on the ALV output and also populate the value for those added columns using Calculated fields.

SALV IDA – Column Settings

SALV IDA framework also provides the flexibility to change Column settings. Lets check how to change to change the column settings in SALV IDA.

SALV IDA – Add and Handle Hotspot (Hyperlink)

Lets make the ALV interactive by adding the Hotspot aka Hyperlink into the ALV generated by SALV IDA by using the DISPLAY_OPTIONS for column.