ABAP Objects

Naimesh Patel | Last Updated on July 22, 2014

ABAP Objects – Achieve Multiple Inheritance using Interfaces

ABAP Objects doesn’t support Multiple Inheritance – Inheriting from more than one Super class, but similar functionality can be achieved using the interfaces.

Utility to build HTML within ABAP

Introducing a small utility class to build HTML code within ABAP. This utility wraps the logic for build HTML Tags and string manipulation within itself for simple client access. Motivation Recently, I needed to generate an email notification using HTML. The email notification would contain the data in Table format. I don’t like to concatenate…

ABAP Objects – Access Text from Super Class Text Symbols

Text Pools are great for creating language independent program. But, it create a very peculiar problem when used in ABAP objects

Poll – Are Text Symbols Private or Public in OO ABAP?

In regards to the previous post , one of readers Dirk Wittenberg pointed to me completely different view. You can follow @zevolving and @naimeshpatel if you are not yet following. I thought of collecting the reply from the readers and started this Poll. Vote Cast your vote for this new Poll. Every vote counts ……

ABAP Objects Case Study – Usage for More Design Flexibility

How object oriented designs was beneficial to me as well as my clients while enhancing development created in Object Oriented ABAP.

ABAP Protected Section – Is it really Protected?

Few days back, I came across this challenging question on SCN about Inheritance within ABAP Objects specifically to the Protected Section.

ABAP Static vs Instance method – Which to use when?

We all debate over when to use Static methods or Instance methods. Most of the times we go for simplest approach, but that may not be the correct one. Lets try to explore and see what should be possibly the best approach when deciding Static or Instance.

ABAP Object Oriented Approach for Reports – Initial Design

Many times, I see incorrect usage of ABAP Objects in custom development. In this two post blog series, I would show few incorrect designs and finally would show OO approach.

ABAP Object Oriented Approach for Reports – Redesign

In this post, I would show you a more flexible design using ABAP Objects. This design is to decouple logic, criteria, data display as much as possible.

ABAP Objects Design Patterns – Builder

Builder is another Design Patterns in Object Oriented, to hide complex object building from the client. Lets check out it design and its implemented in OO ABAP.

ABAP Objects Design Patterns Singleton Usage

Singleton Design Pattern is most heavily used in OO based developments. Lets see an usage of Singleton Design pattern.

ABAP Unit Test Driven Development – Basic Example

ABAP Unit is an embedded framework to develop using the Test Driven Development approach. ABAP unit lets you test the code at unit level, independent of the entire solution.

ABAP Unit Test Driven Development – Basics

Lets check few basics of Test Driven Development as well as for ABAP Unit.

ABAP Unit Test Fixture Methods

In the series of ABAP Unit, lets check out the Test Fixture methods.

ABAP Unit Test Global class usage

Since ABAP release 7.0, you can create ABAP Unit Test Global Class. Lets see what to do and what not to when using the ABAP Unit Global Test Class.

ABAP Objects Events – Raising and Handling

Events are good way to communicate between objects. They are very useful when the object doesn’t care about the handler of the objects.

ABAP Objects Events – SENDER, know who raised the event

Gaining access to the object, when working with ABAP Objects Events, which raised the event would be an added advantage for the event handler method.

ABAP Abstract methods or Normal methods?

Let’s take a deeper look at abstract methods. When should you define abstract methods and when you shouldn’t.

ABAP MVC – Model View Controller Discussion

Discussion on challenges while implementing design pattern Model View Controller in ABAP objects.

ABAP Unit Test Class Wizard

ABAP Unit Test Class generation wizard comes in handy when you got to design the test class for the Global Class. Lets see how easy it is to use the wizard.